Local Representation In North Dakota For Oil And Gas Matters, Real Estate And Probate

Local North Dakota Oil And Gas Law Attorneys

At Furuseth Olson & Evert P.C., we are local attorneys with extensive experience in the nuances of oil, gas and mineral rights law in North Dakota. Here’s the thing. We are not going to quote the law for you here on our website to make ourselves look smart. We could – and even if we do – there are so many intricate steps involved to ensuring your rights are protected, you are going to want a sophisticated lawyer’s assistance to approach the solutions to your circumstances.

Since 1997, our lawyers have represented clients on both sides of oil and gas contracts. We know where to anticipate potential obstacles and how to legally mitigate those roadblocks. We know what to look for in the fine print as we review or draft contracts. There is no substitute for sound legal counsel to protect your right to monetize and control what is yours.

Oil, Gas And Mineral Law Is Extremely Complicated

We are here to help you understand how to make informed decisions. We will take action on your behalf for everything from surface rights and title defects to negotiating with oil and gas companies who want to install an oil pipeline through your property. Our attorneys have substantial experience drafting, reviewing, negotiating and litigating:

  • Mineral leases
  • Oil and gas leases
  • Well site damage agreements
  • Pipeline easements
  • Surface agreements
  • Title opinions
  • Clearance of chain of title issues and other curative actions
  • Filing and managing title claims
  • Surface damages
  • Well pad agreements
  • Water tanks and other above ground storage concerns
  • Oil, gas, mineral rights appraisals
  • Purchasing or selling mineral rights

We have also assisted with prosecuting and defending numerous dormant mineral actions and other curative actions related to mineral interests.

A Track Record For Integrity And Client Satisfaction

At Furuseth Olson & Evert P.C. in Williston, we aim to protect your rights now and in the future. If your legal problem has anything to do with real estate, not just oil, gas and mineral rights in North Dakota, you can turn to us for legal assistance. If it doesn’t, you could still turn to us. We may know an attorney or two to refer you to for trusted legal representation. Call our office at 701-552-7738 or send us an email to schedule an appointment.