Local Representation In North Dakota For Oil And Gas Matters, Real Estate And Probate

Has North Dakota Come Up In Your Loved One’s Will Or Trust?

Under North Dakota’s laws, probate is the legal term for the process of transferring a decedent’s property to those who are subject to receiving it. Complications can arise when family members are not in agreement about the validity of the decedent’s will or trust – if there was one at all.

Disputes might arise when gas, oil or mineral rights are in question for any real estate your loved one held in their name alone and not in joint tenancy, in a trust or transfer on death deed. Additionally, there are the final debts to address, and of course, final state and federal taxes.

Probate and estate administration can quickly become overwhelming without the help of a probate lawyer because there are many steps to follow within a set timeline.

An Experienced, Local Attorney Can Lighten The Burden Of Stress

If your loved one lived and died in North Dakota and owned any type of property here or in another state, we can help you whether or not they had a will or a trust. If it has been less than three years since their death, you may be able to proceed with an informal probate process. However, there are myriad circumstances where a formal probate will be necessary.

Hiring a knowledgeable local attorney can help alleviate the stress of facing probate or estate administration on your own. At Furuseth Olson & Evert P.C., our lawyers may be able to help you from beginning to end, including providing guidance and legal advocacy for:

  • Inventorying your loved one’s estate
  • Determining if the value of the estate is over $50,000
  • Identifying and notifying heirs, beneficiaries and other interested parties
  • Filing the appropriate forms with the court
  • Addressing debt collectors
  • Paying final debts or taxes
  • Distributing the decedent’s assets

Have you been contacted by a third party on behalf of an oil company? Are you owed royalties for mineral rights on your property? You may need to secure legal representation to initiate probate to have those rights properly transferred from your parents, grandparents or even previous generations.

What If My Loved One Owned North Dakota Property But Lived Elsewhere?

Probate gets significantly more complex when your loved one owned property here but lived in another state or country. Ancillary probate is a multifaceted process best handled by an experienced probate lawyer for optimal results and fewer delays in completing the process.

We Can Help You With Estate Planning

It is usually during a complicated estate administration process or probate that families realize the value of establishing or updating their own estate plan. If you have property in North Dakota, we can help you ensure your existing mineral rights are properly addressed in your will or trust. Your next of kin – or the charity you designate as beneficiary – will appreciate you for doing so.

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