Local Representation In North Dakota For Oil And Gas Matters, Real Estate And Probate

Been Farming Long? Want To Start Farming In North Dakota?

Our lawyers at Furuseth Olson & Evert P.C. applaud you. We love North Dakota and would love to help you love it, too. Our real estate lawyers can help you with the full spectrum of real estate matters in the state. While our first love is agricultural land sales and related issues, we can also help you with sales and leases of nonagricultural commercial spaces. Are you looking to establish your dream business or dream home?

Come to us for assistance with leasing, purchasing or selling:

  • Pastures for ranching
  • Farmland
  • Business spaces for retail, restaurants, professional services
  • A home

If you do not live in North Dakota and are in the market to sell the farm or ranch you just inherited, we are right behind you. No judgement. We know North Dakota is not for everyone. We will provide you with stellar legal advocacy every step of the way.

Oil, Gas And Mineral Rights

Did you get an offer in the mail from a potential investor? We can help you make good choices based on solid 360-degree information. Sometimes, our clients receive communication from a third party who said they may be owed royalties if they can prove proper chain of title.

You could be a “surface owner” who owns land that oil companies own or want to own mineral rights to. They may want to dig wells, put down well pads or put in water tanks on your land. We are here to provide the guidance and legal advocacy you need with regard to drafting, reviewing and negotiating matters involving:

  • Easements
  • Surface damages
  • Pipelines or well site agreements
  • Water tanks, well pads
  • Oil and gas lease reviews
  • Title assessments
  • Oil, gas, mineral rights sales

A majority of our real estate practice relates to issues landowners face as a result of the local oil industry.

Talk To A Local Lawyer About Your Real Estate Concern

Whether you are sinking roots deeper or uprooting, call Furuseth Olson & Evert P.C. in Williston at 701-552-7738 or send an email to make an appointment to discuss your real estate questions. We are highly skilled, overqualified, and yet efficient and affordable.